Beware being too “standardized”

Recently on twitter Allen Holub tweeted:

“It’s highly doubtful that you’re an agile organization if every team in your company is using the same process. “Self-organizing teams,” are essential to agility, and if you’re told what to do and how to do it, you’re hardly self organizing.”

This is a core element in VFQ – ultimately you need to discover the best way to improve and deliver your work as a team and to discover what the right thing is to build. To be clear, this doesn’t necessarily mean that working practices has to be a complete free-for-all or anarchy, it just means that it doesn’t have to be completely rigid either.

Improving might mean challenging some current organization impediments or solving a technical issue that no-one else has needed to yet. It might mean coming up with a new way to communicate if you have distribution in your team. If you consider how much has changed with business models, products, services and technology over the last 10 years it’s hard to see why we would build things in the same way today as we did back then. If 10 years doesn’t work for you think back 20 or 30. Work continues to evolve and someone needs to keep pushing the boundaries – why not you and your team?

What can you do to make your workflow and working practices better for you and your team? It’s a great time to brainstorm some ideas.

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