Cookie cutter

I have an unspoken agreement with several well-known brands across a few different product segments; if they build it, I’ll buy it.

We all have our favorite products and brand loyalty isn’t an afterthought, it’s something we take seriously. Even though products are mass produced or rather ‘cookie-cutter’, we usually don’t get hung-up that the one we bought looks like everyone else’s because we accept that it is how it’s all supposed to work.

It’s not quite the same when it comes to redefining your companies portfolio lifecycle or how you vet the best ideas. While you can apply common and proven techniques, the best results come from applying it all in your specific context. Even when you purchase a mass produced (cookie-cutter) product, the first thing you typically do is personalize it or make it ‘your own’.

“These are not cookie-cutter businesses. They require unique discipline and mindset.” – George Whalin

Cookie-cutter is not an approach that works if you’re changing how your organization works. There isn’t a single approach to anything and one of the largest contributors to the failure of change and transformation programs is the belief and investment in cookie-cutter approaches.


Leverage the very best thinking, principles and practices you can to tailor your work. 

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