Human connections still matter

This week, Sunnie Giles, author of The New Science of Radical Innovation, published an article in Forbes titled A Big Turnaround In Management Thinking: New Leadership Competencies For VUCA. Sunnie makes the point that we are at risk of losing the human connection that is required to keep organizations advancing. The risk she talks about is one of continued dehumanizing in the workplace in favor of more efficiency.

I suppose that is one of the more prominent concerns when we talk about advanced technology and automation and also how we incentivize the people that make things work.

“Rather than be supervised and micromanaged by those who are disconnected from the realities of the real-time situation, we need them to respond to unpredictable changes in the rapidly changing environment. We can no longer succeed by squeezing the last drop of productivity from people to efficiently produce error-free predetermined output,” – Sunnie Giles

Innovation is a long-term play and requires us to think about it with an investment mentality not one centered on short term gains.

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