Jony Ive gives very few interviews. His team are an integral part of Apple’s success, and he seldom shares secrets. In this year’s interview, he shared some insights as to what makes his team different.

Ive’s suggests that the foundation of his small design team is based on trust and mutual respect. But, the real ingredient for what makes them successful is their ability to listen.

“What we’ve found is very often the very best ideas come from the quietest voice. And if you’re not listening, you’re going to miss that.”

It’s hard to listen so deeply when there are so many loud voices out there. The job is to filter out the noise. The loudness. And then focus in on the quietest voices. It’s a hard skill to master and requires constant practice.


Are there quiet voices you need to listen to? They might be in your team or they might be your customers. Try harder to focus in on those small, quiet insights.

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