Screen less, see more

How do you improve the culture of your organization or the brand reputation of your company? How much of that change depends specifically on you and your actions?

I’m guessing many of us are asking these questions quite often but maybe not so much of ourselves. What I mean is that we often think about culture as the big topic that it is, but it really starts with the small, meaningful changes we can make now.

Here are two to consider:

  • Let’s start by screening less calls. Let’s be willing to answer the phone when it’s a person we know but don’t want to take a moment to talk to.
  • Also, let’s be willing to turn on the camera when we’re on those frequent and long video calls. Let’s see each other and connect visually, emotionally (if that’s possible over video) without staring at a bad selfie or headshot of the other person.

Let’s improve how we connect internally and externally and remember that our responses or lack of them, tell a story about our values and our brand.

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