Stick to the plan

Trying to please everyone when you really don’t want to is a fickle way to try and lead. This leadership style doesn’t actually work.

The constant behavior of changing your mind in an effort to seem supportive actually creates frustration in the camp. Sometimes we confuse what we mean by wanting more agility in the way we work.

While agility is a good thing for organizations, it doesn’t stand for “let’s change our mind whenever we want” – it’s about being iterative, flexible, and nimble, but sticking to the plan we’ve made because we have specific outcomes in mind.

I have a colleague who likes to be seen as a good planner but when it comes to executing the plan, he often asks for feedback at the last minute to see if others want to make changes. The truth is that he doesn’t really want to make changes at all but wants to appear to be more collaborative and sensitive of others. In the end, I’ve watched as the plans never really work out as intended.

If you’re in a position to lead and make plans and commitments then stick to them unless there is good reason to change. 

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