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For many businesses, adopting an agile strategy is often touted as a revolutionary decision that can overhaul their operations. It’s seen as a sure-fire solution that promises transformational results, until it doesn’t.

Too often, businesses who hope to rejuvenate the way they work through an agile strategy end up spending plenty of time, effort and money to achieve very little.

The reasons for this are varied, but at their core, they often come down to a single problem: utilizing agile strategy to solve the wrong problems. Typically, we see organizations applying agile to business problems with outcomes focused on the promise of ‘better, faster, more,’ when what they’re actually solving for is uncertainty.

We work with organizations to focus their agile transformation on the shifts that achieve real business transformation.

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Deliver VALUE early and often

Think in terms of small units of value, which you can validate with your customers, while appealing to them at the same time.

Optimize the FLOW of work end-to-end

It’s not simply about learning to work faster. It’s about finding ways to respond rapidly in unpredictable conditions to eliminate waste and delay.

Discover QUALITY with fast feedback

Prioritize learning to find out what works and what doesn’t through experimentation and adapt your plans accordingly.

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Our mission is to leave lasting capability within your organization. We empower our clients to lead their own change and our entire business model is designed to accelerate how you reach this objective, while still benefitting from the external experience and expertise our experts provide. Along the way, we will help you benchmark your operations against similar organizations and apply lessons learned from the onset of our engagement to drive better results and outcomes.

Our starting point for agile transformation is validating value in your organization towards the outcomes you want to achieve, which we deliver through a program of work called ASCEND.

ASCEND is an analysis of several parts of your business, roles, operating model, and digital strategy. The investment is designed to build, produce, experiment, and prove specific outcomes so that you and your leadership team are confident in implementing the recommendations.

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