Contribute to the cause

Do you believe your work is viewed as a positive contribution to the company you work for and those you serve? Do you know with certainty that you are more focused on outcomes and results vs. worrying about what you believe you’re owed or deserve?

These aren’t easy questions to ask or answer. They can offend us or make us uncomfortable, especially if our manager were to ask them in such a straightforward manner.

“The effective person focuses on contribution. He looks up from his work and outward toward goals. He asks, “What can I contribute that will significantly affect the performance and the results of the institution I serve?” His stress is on responsibility.” – Peter Drucker

Our focus typically tells the tale of the value of our contribution. If the focus is on ourselves vs. the organization, then whatever we produce will reflect that.

How would you answer the two questions above? What would you do differently to produce a different or better answer?

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