Vistaprint – Improving innovation in a digital economy

A case study of our work with Vistaprint

When you consider innovation and digital, the tendency is to examine the technology demands on your business that help you to deliver better products and services to your customers. Although you may need to outsource components of your business for efficiency and scale – innovation is something that does not get outsourced. The core business is what drives your digital ecosystem. Its rate of success is predicated on the modern skills and capabilities of your own people, perhaps more so than the technology used.

Vistaprint participated in Emergn’s VFQ Enterprise Change Lead Program that helped them identify people inside the organization to obtain the skills needed to eventually lead their own teams without the larger dependence on external consulting. The coaching program revolves around Emergn’s work-based education approach, VFQ, that was designed to bridge the gap between modern values and principles, like Agile and Lean, that are applied within an organization. Since the premise of VFQ is to distill the best practices and thinking into outcome-based topics, Vistaprint was able to begin applying new techniques and practices quickly with positive results. The main outcome of this approach for Vistaprint, is that they were able to develop internal experts within a very short time frame. From the beginning, the emphasis was on how process governance works across a value-driven portfolio lifecycle. It was important to Vistaprint, to own their own innovation and transformation.

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