A case for change: designing organizations for growth

“Success can have a pervasive impact, it becomes what everyone wants to emulate, so schools teach it, organizations follow it blindly, hoping to share in the riches. However, especially when it’s a model dependant on the context not changing, this optimization will eventually start working against us.”

This paragraph is one of the starting points of the VFQ Foundations and it is key to understanding why we must start looking at how our companies function, differently. Models are great, until they aren’t and we get left with something that is not adequate anymore, unless we are talking about a model that values learning over outputs. This isn’t to say that outputs don’t matter, but outputs can be contextual. Growing in a prosperous economy isn’t necessarily the result of great products or services, or that we are working in the right way.

Understanding this is not a small nuance, it is the difference between companies that grow due to context and companies that grow in a sustainable way and leverage context in their favor. The VFQ Foundations is an ambitious but achievable proposition. We are unlocking the potential of individuals, teams and organizations by helping them rediscover curiosity, experimentation, and re-building a discovery and learning focused mindset. All of our thinking and approach is built on:

3 Guiding Principles:

  • Deliver value early and often
  • Improve flow by managing end-to-end
  • Discover quality through fast feedback

3 Essential Practices:

  • Experimentation
  • Value Propositions
  • Visualization

To learn more about the impact of this approach, watch how Vistaprint transformed their organization using VFQ. Watch the video here.

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