Adapting to the wrong things

It’s a challenge we’ve all struggled with at one point – the belief that investing in a tool or product is going to bring the results we’re currently not getting in our business. This has been the core issue since we all started using technology to operate or even automate our work.

“You need to change your business to adapt to the software.”

There’s an excellent article published in Inc. Magazine from March 1982 – yes, 1982… do you remember that year? The article is called Eight Problems A Computer Can’t Solve. It is fascinating to read and to be reminded that we’re often looking for certainty where it doesn’t exist or, as the first point in the article states, we’re expecting technology to fix something when we still haven’t defined what problem we’re trying to solve.


Start by asking the hard questions – what problem(s) needs to be solved? What changes in our thinking and approach need to take place so we’re not developing a false sense of security by trusting tools to do it for us?

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