Blinded without the light

“If you hold a small coin close enough to your eye, you can block out the sun.”  – Anonymous

One of the biggest impediments we face in implementing change that sticks is our shortsightedness. We tell ourselves we are big picture thinkers and we want to adopt change but often we’ll pause from jumping fully in because we hold our concerns and fears too closely; so closely that we block out the opportunities standing in front of us.

It’s been noted that of all the things we worry most about, only 8% of them are real or legitimate concerns while the other 92% fall into various categories that never actually materialize or work out the way we thought. Bringing others on a journey begins with letting go of our concerns or rather compartmentalizing them so that they have a proper place in our minds and approach.


What is the one thing you’re holding on to so tightly that is a blocker to change for you or for your organization?

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