Communicate better

Building a communication strategy is a necessary step in defining how you can best serve a customer. You need to be deliberate about communication with them and the other key stakeholders that you work with.

One good way to do this is to develop and follow a communications plan with your customer that involves identifying the key touch points and ‘moments of truth’, and defining the frequency of the communication.

Depending on the type of business you’re in you will need to determine the mechanism for communication. For instance, if you primarily provide services to large companies, you might need to be explicit about your account and engagement approach. For more direct sales to the public, the approach might be one where more social marketing, email or other interactions might be more appropriate. You need to define the plan that works best for each customer and customer segment.


If you haven’t done this, define a communication plan for your customer and even consider involving them in shaping it. Once it’s done, share it with your team, and other interested stakeholders.

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