“If you want to be inventive, you have to be willing to fail.” – Jeff Bezos

What does failing mean for you? Many enterprises and cultures don’t want to hear about failure. They prefer to talk about learning. Regardless of the term, are you prepared to try something that might not work? If so, how long are you prepared to try something for?

Today, companies are talking about failing fast. It’s a good mantra. But, some things take a long time to determine if you’re failing or you’re successful. Are you prepared to invest in an experiment or idea over a long term?

Jeff Bezos has many other gems of leadership wisdom. Three more that might be helpful to consider when contemplating what failing might mean for you are:

1. Base your strategy on things that won’t change.
2. Obsess over customers.
3. Be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time.


If you’re focused on the right problems for the right customers your failures will help you learn how to be successful over the long term.

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