Just do it

My daughter often tells me she wants to be a writer. The advice I give her is that if that’s what she wants to do then the only thing she really needs to do is ‘write’. The more practice she gets, the more likely she will succeed. I don’t push her; it’s got to be about her motivation.

I sometimes think of myself as a photographer. But, I’m not really. I know proper photographers. They take lots of pictures. I mean a lot. I do like photography and study it. I go through spurts of practicing. But, I just don’t take enough pictures every day or week to truly qualify as a photographer. Maybe one day. Maybe never.

Once upon a time I was a software engineer and developer. Not anymore, though. Why? Because I don’t do it. I don’t practice.

I often hear people wanting to be a leader, or to create new products or write a book. Some say they want to be an entrepreneur. It’s always exciting to hear what people want to achieve. Ask yourself: are you doing what it takes to reach your goal?

Nike get this about right in their slogan: Just do it.


What one thing do you want to achieve? Now think about what you do day to day, week on week, year on year that helps you achieve your goal. What small adjustments can you make to your routines to incorporate learning, practice and doing the thing you want to do?

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