Living our values

Try having a discussion with your colleagues about your organization's corporate values.

Almost every organization has a set of corporate values. They’re often presented as part of the on-boarding process and maybe even displayed on posters around the office. Day-to-day, though, we might not give them that much thought. They can seem somewhat removed from our daily work.

Recently, my team and I decided to take some time to really think about our company principles together. Over the course of an hour, we went through each one, discussing our understanding of it and sharing examples, both big and small. We talked about times when we had exhibited the principles ourselves or experienced them from others in the company. It was really motivating and a great reminder to all of us of why we work here.

Try having a discussion with your colleagues about your organization’s corporate values. It can help you create common meaning around them and motivate you to live them day-to-day.

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