Showing up

In a previous insight I used a quote by Woody Allen: 80% of success is showing up.

This applies when developing new products, services or systems as well as when things are live and operational. Stakeholders and customers need to know what’s going on.

Recently, I had an incident with my luggage on a flight. It went missing. Apparently, never to be seen again. Now, I fly a lot and I’m realistic about how things can go wrong. They often do. In terms of baggage issues, though, this is only the second time I’ve had an issue in many, many years of flying. It just happens to be the same airline on the same route the last two times I’ve flown it.

I was curious to see how they would handle this issue. I’m sure you’d agree if you lost your suitcase with a lot of stuff in it, you’d want some good customer service to follow-up with you. This airline did nothing. Even a week on there was no proactive follow-up on their part. I had emailed, phoned, and even went to social media. Eventually, after the social media complaint, they finally got engaged.

Showing up is key to retain customers. I’m a very loyal and frequent flyer. And now I don’t want to travel with them again. Not because of the original issue, but because of the way that they’ve dealt with the issue. If someone had shown up to let me know they were handling the issue and that they cared about me as a customer then everything would be fine.

Showing up helps you learn. It helps you appreciate customer needs, stakeholder issues, and generally closes the gaps on understanding for you and them. If you don’t show up you can’t learn new things. And the only thing that you leave in a customer’s mind is that you don’t care enough for them.

Which stakeholders are you going to contact this week to let them know you are looking after them?

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