The price of productivity

Productivity is an elusive topic simply because it’s measurement is often subjective and not related to a specific rating index. Personal productivity is even more difficult to measure because then, like beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder.

We can measure the rate of output and call it productivity but how do we ensure we’re maximizing our time working not only on the most valuable things but also focused on just getting stuff done. One of my old friends is considered a master carpenter. His finish work is outstanding and anyone who sees it would want that quality and look in their home. Even though he’s a masterful finish carpenter, he’s often unemployed or between jobs. The reason is he’s slow. His productivity is not efficient while the quality of his work is.

It begs the question whether speed is more important than quality or whether they can coexist? We’d likely agree they can coexist and that the challenge is related to how some people manage their work and time.


How can we increase our productivity so that our output improves without sacrifice quality?

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