What would Terry do?

From time-to-time, we all get stuck with our own ideas. We need inspiration and new sources of innovation if the normal interactions from your teammates and colleagues do not help solve your current problem or impasse.

Apparently, James Dyson often looked to his design hero, Thomas Edison, for inspiration. He closely followed Edison’s approach to design using iteration to relentlessly change one or two things to test what works and what doesn’t. This has served James Dyson well over the years.

The idea of studying and copying others to help inspire, innovate and solve problems is a technique that has also been studied and copied. One group of photography students named this technique ‘What would Terry do?’ based on the work of an American photographer Terry Richardson who was notorious for bucking trends. This helped them break out of their traditional thought processes and establish new perspectives.


Pick a role model (person or company) and ask yourself “What would they do?”

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